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free!!! Fill-In Title Strip Forms These are easy to use "form style" title strip sheets that allow you to fill-in the artist & song names together with genre descriptions such as R&B, JAZZ, HIT, POP etc. Simply download the PDF title strip sheet, click on the song title area then enter the artist and song name. Jukebox Title Strip Creator 45 & 33 1/3 rpm records. Instructions: Enter information you want printed. If A side artist is the same as the B side artist, leave one blank. If you don't want publisher information printed, don't enter it. Click 'Create PDF' and the PDF will .

Here are several ways to make your own free jukebox title strips. These will work for a 45 RPM vinly record jukebox or CD jukeboxes. First you can enter your information and print them out using the free online title strip maker. Other versions below work in MS Word. we have added this page because over the last several years at various events, we have encountered many people who desire to make professional looking title strips for their jukeboxes at home. some of the links below feature free programs, and some have an .

Printing authentic looking jukebox title strips finally made EASY and AFFORDABLE!! Jukebox Create-A-Label is easiest and fastest way to create title strips for your Jukebox. You have total control over the layout and design of a Jukebox Label.