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In my opinion, the side-by side existence of quotation and quote is a bad design decision of LaTeX's initial developer Leslie Lamport. I have written the quoting package that provides the environment of the same name, a consolidated environment for displayed text. With quoting, first-line indentation is activated by adding a blank line before the environment. But how do I modify the vertical and horizontal spacing of the quotation environment? I have found lots of information on how to do it for theorems and formulas etc., but none of that seems to apply for quotation (or quote, for that matter).

Then the quotation is typed with the command \epigraph{}{} whose first parameter is the quotation itself and the second parameter is the quotations source (author, book, etc.) This package can handle several quotations by means of a special environment and also has many customization options. Open an example of the epigraph package in ShareLaTeX. LaTeX and quoting environments. In LaTeX there's not a single quoting environment. There are a many quoting environments with many different outputs. This post focalizes on the basic quotation commands, perfect to highlight parts of the text without changing too much the general formatting. Quote and Quotation.Author: Francops.

Latex Standard Environments LaTeX provides a number of different paragraph-making environments. If you then want to modify your picture by shifting everything, you just add the appropriate optional argument. The margins of the quotation environment are indented on the left and the right.