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Lexi's nightmare inspires an idea. Changes begin and Sheila lays out her goals. Captain of the Servus Navis tries to bring down a culture. Ch2- the sleepover. Girl tells of her day of piercing and licking pussy. and other exciting erotic at! Caught joy riding! Math is complicated. Cheating is simple. Husband retaliates against wife, with great success. Sometime D/s couple go Gorean, undercover. An ex-con seeks revenge on the woman who spurned him. and other exciting erotic at!

Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated -- the newsgroup, the archive. Site Map, FAQs New users may wish to view a guide to using ASSTR as well as a listing of the many available FAQs. SEX STORIES: This is a collection of extreme stories from the Kristen Directories. but hubby doesn't care what his wife thinks about it. (M+/F, wife, forced-sex, voy) After The Party Rape - by Wiley04 - This story is about a young girl who is raped on the way home from a party. It is highly descriptive in a purely sexual sense and.

Fetish Stories. Story Spinner — Click this link to read a random story from this category! — 1930's woman helps her friends get more out of sex & hubby. by — "Dog" slaves are forced to eat cum coated food. by. and other exciting erotic at! Literotica Toy Store Adult toy & dvd store with fast shipping and a great sexy selection.