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May 24, 2017 · A top-freezer is the traditional option. It’s also the cheaper option and the more energy-efficient option. The main drawback? It won’t win you any design awards and you’ll have to lean over to get at whatever’s hiding behind the cheese in your fridge. You won't believe how much food you can You won't believe how much food you can fit in this 22.1 cu. ft. Amana bottom-freezer refrigerator. It features humidity controlled Garden Fresh crisper drawers adjustable gallon door bins adjustable Spill saver glass shelves a deli drawer and an EasyClose freezer drawer system that can accommodate frozen turkeys pizzas ice.

Freezer on Bottom refrigerators offer more high end models and features and many different styles such as french-doors on top as well as one door on top. There are also the new 4-door refrigerators with a middle drawer between the french doors and the bottom . Bottom-freezer refrigerators get more recommendations than top-freezers, primarily due to their more convenient layout. However, their popularity is giving way to French-door fridges that are more convenient still -- replacing the sometimes massive one-piece refrigerator compartment door design with.

Con: Cost. In general, refrigerators with bottom-mounted freezers cost more to purchase than those that feature the freezer on top. The bottom-mounted models with French doors on the refrigerator. A single-door bottom freezer refrigerator makes a convenient addition to kitchens of any size or style. Unlike top freezer refrigerators that keep frozen foods at eye level, bottom freezer refrigerators from Sears are ideal for those who love to cook using mostly fresh ingredients. The spacious refrigerator compartment features rows and rows of.

The Frigidaire Gallery 18.1 cu. ft. Top Freezer The Frigidaire Gallery 18.1 cu. ft. Top Freezer has 3 Full-Width Wire Shelves and Humidity Control Crisper Drawers for storing fruits and vegetables. Our SpaceWise Organization System offers 100 ways to organize with the Custom-Flex Door. The options make it easy to choose the right style of refrigerator for your kitchen—whether it's top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, or French-door.

Mar 03, 2016 · Unlike top freezers that house the ice maker, the ice maker in a bottom freezer refrigerator stays in the top section, which frees up more freezer space down at the bottom. Most come with a variety of space-saving features as well.