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Wikipedia Virgin Mary, detail from the Ghent Altarpiece, Hubert van Eyck, Jan van Eyck, 1432, St Bavo’s Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium. This image is a panel in a larger collection of paintings created to sit on a church altar. During World War II, the painting was stolen and Author: Fr. Michael Rennier. Sightings of the Virgin Mary can happen in the unlikeliest places. Some people encounter her high in the mountains of the French Alps, while others find her in a school playground. Sometimes, Mary comes awash in a bright light. Other times, she's in tears.Author: Carol Kuruvilla.

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Discover Clearwater Virgin Mary in Clearwater, Florida: This glass-stain Mary attracted thousands of pilgrims until her head was shattered by a vandal with a slingshot. Places Top Destinations. Feb 27, 2013- Explore cvignacio's board "Images of the Blessed Virgin Mary" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Blessed virgin mary, Virgin mary and Mother mary.

Mosaic of Mater Ecclesiae, depicting Mary, Mother of the Church, in Rome, overlooking St. Opus Mariae Matris Ecclesiae This is the image that St Pope John Paul II had tiled into the top of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican facing St Peters Square. Opus Mariae Matris Ecclesiae-- Beautiful mosaic, Our Blessed Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus. During the month of May, May devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary take place in many Catholic regions. These may include the singing of Marian anthems, crowning of statues of Mary with floral wreaths, readings from scriptures, a sermon, and or presentation by local choirs.Born: September 8 (Nativity of Mary).