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You have reached the International Cryogenics, Inc. (ICI) web site, a division of Michigan Sperm Bank. We appreciate any comments that you may have to improve our services and thanks for visiting! International Cryogenics, Inc. aka Michigan Sperm bank is one of the world's pioneer sperm banks. Upon sperm collection, their sperm is frozen and immediately transported to a reputable sperm bank for short and long-term storage. If men have sufficient sperm in their semen ejaculate, plan to collect semen at the sperm bank for short and long-term storage. Oncofertility: Fertility preservation by freezing sperm prior to cancer related therapies.

Donor Sperm Order Form – The Fertility Center Ordering Donor Sperm Consent – Storage of Donor Sperm and CMV Information Donor Sperm Bank and Ordering Information Genetic Carrier Screening & Sperm Donors. If you have any questions about our donor sperm program, please call a clinical nurse at (616) 988-2229, ext. 145. 13 rows · In order to view short profile, click on the donor code link below. Short profiles are in PDF .

Find your sperm donor with and then register with a Michigan sperm bank for your artificial insemination. Sperm Banks in Michigan offer a range of great fertility treatments. Sperm donation in the USA is mainly controlled by large sperm banks. Some of the sperm banks are listed below but there are many more local agencies, which we anticipate to list over time. Since sperm is easily frozen, the sperm banks can generally serve the Detroit, Michigan area in addition to .