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May 31, 2014 · Maya Angelou said often that although she gave birth to one son, she had thousands of daughters. "I have daughters who are black and white, Asian and Spanish-speaking, and native American," she Author: Afua Hirsch. Nov 13, 2009 · Black ones, white ones, Asian ones and Jewish ones and the Spanish-speaking ones Sometimes I'll get a thousand pieces of mail a week from young women who think I'm Author: Gary Younge.

If you have the privilege of being born a black woman, it is my belief, that it is a part of your divine mission to liberate yourself from all external and internalized oppression and thereby liberate the world. Mother Maya Angelou and the words of other writers like her, provide the key to that liberation.Author: Ama Yawson. Dec 12, 2012 · Maya Angelou. African-American author, poet, feminist, producer, civil rights activist and overall amazing woman Maya Angelou has devoted much of her life to giving an honest look inside black.

- Maya Angelou quotes from "As far as I knew white women were never lonely, except in books. White men adored them, Black men desired them and Black women worked for them.". 11. Maya Angelou Talbot Troy. You’d never know there were any other black poets or authors in the world with the way white people like to quote Maya Angelou all the damn time. The caged bird is singing because it wants to drown out the sound of you mentioning “Still I Rise” was your yearbook quote. 12. Twerking. Not a person, but really.

I am so glad you wrote about Maya Angelou and her contributions to the Black Power Movement. We often think activism can only take on form, and rarely perceive art – especially literature – as a site of activism. Maya Angelou’s words are so powerful and have so much ability to create change. George Bush invited Dr. Maya Angelou to the Pageant of Peace at the White House during the 2005 Christmas Tree Lighting. Maya Angelou recited her poem “Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem” written for the occasion. Her powerful words were heard around the world and still inspire peace today.

The legendary poet, playwright and civil rights activist Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86. Born in the Jim Crow South, Angelou rose to become one of the world’s most celebrated writers. May 26, 2014 · As far as I knew white women were never lonely, except in books. White men adored them, Black men desired them and Black women worked for them.-Maya Angelou Came across this ever 'insightful' quote. I remember having to read her books in school, never thought they were that good.