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By the age of six months, most of these testicles complete their descent without any interventions. Treating an Undescended Testicle in the Adult Male. In adult males who have not been treated for an undescended testicle as children, reduced fertility, as well as a higher incidence of testicular cancer, is of increased concern. Surgical options may differ for adult males whose undescended testicles weren’t corrected during childhood. Orchiopexy is usually the preferred choice for men who are age 32 and under. However Author: Debra Stang And Erica Cirino.

Hello, I f an adult discovers that he has an undescended testis, moving the testis into the scrotum at this point will not improve fertility levels. In adult men, an undescended testis is usually surgically removed as there’re increased chances of development of tumor in the undescended testis. Without treatment, men with 2 undescended testicles will not likely be able to have children. But surgery to move both testicles down can greatly improve their fertility.

Undescended testicles are also a risk factor for testicular cancer, even when they’re corrected. This is true for both the descended and undescended testicle. How Is an Undescended Testicle.