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Formal cognitive training also seems to have benefits. In the Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) trial, healthy adults 65 and older participated in 10 sessions of memory training, reasoning training, or processing–speed training. The sessions improved participants' mental skills in the area in which they. The purpose of this paper is to develop a basis for the hypothesis that digital action games may produce cognitive benefits for older adults. First, a discussion of the relationship between cognitive and physical health shows the increasing weight given to the role of declines in cognition in the development of dependency in older adult population studies.Cited by: 77.

Mar 07, 2015 · Keeping sharp is hard to do, especially as you get older. We have a sudden decrease in our ability to learn at the ages of 5, 25, and 40. But, you don’t need to lose your brain. Things like mind puzzles and memory games designed for adults can keep you . Cognitive Games and Puzzles for Adults. Playing games and solving puzzles are excellent cognitive activities for elderly individuals. These types of activities engage and stimulate the brain in a fun, interactive way. Many websites offer games and puzzles modified for seniors with physical limitations.Author: Gabrielle Applebury.

While cognitive decline can be a natural part of the aging process, it’s possible to counter the trend through brain teasers, memory games, and other mental “workouts”. Read on to learn three websites packed with brain games for seniors, as well as other suggestions for helping to keep your aging loved one’s brain in tip-top shape. 1. Video Games For Adults -