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Adult Probation Services' Mission Statement: Allegheny County Adult Probation and Parole is charged by the Court of Common Pleas with the responsibility of providing effective community-based alternatives to incarceration, improving public safety, partnering with community and law enforcement resources and promoting positive behavioral change from offenders. Special Services Unit: Adult Probation Office 841 California Avenue 2nd Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

County Office (Probation) State Parole Board: State Correctional Institutional Parole Offices: Allegheny Adult Probation Office 564 Forbes Avenue -Manor Building Suite 1212 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Phone: 412.350.2320 Fax: 412.350.6025 Website: County Adult Probation and Parole Statistical Reports: Western Region Office. County Probation and Parole. Sixty-five of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania operate county adult probation and parole departments. The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (Board) provides all adult probation and parole services in Mercer and Venango Counties.

Adult Probation Office Who We Are. The Allegan Circuit Court Probation Office processes the criminal investigations and Orders of the Circuit Court with regard to felony sentences and probation supervision. There are currently eight (8) Allegan County Courthouse, First Floor. Probation Payments. Make payments online with your credit or debit card! Court costs; Restitution payments; Fines and Fees can all be paid online through the following website: or by calling GovPayNet toll free at 1-888-604-7888.