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Unlike the program, an adult "Fear Factor" party can include challenges that everyday people can attempt. "Fear Factor" party hosts can challenge squeamish and non-squeamish guests alike to interact with "disgusting" and "gross" items, and complete various stunts. Video of . Fear Factor Party ideas and photos by: Sandra from Peoria, IL. My boys wanted a Fear Factor party for their birthday last year. I made the invites on our computer. The basic yellow and black from the Fear Factor logo, some clip art and all the important party info. The .

Fear Factor Party Ideas Fear Factor is a combination stunt and dare reality game show on NBC that has been popular since its inception around 2001. It is now off the air but the memory and its effects are still everlasting among many fans and TV viewers. Fear factor party ideas include recreational activities wherein the person has to get over his fear to win various competitions. These parties range from very mild versions such as fear factor theme party for kids wherein eatables are disguised as things which generally scare the kids, to fear factor theme party for adults, wherein you use real crawling creatures which are harmless, but look very scary.

Fear Factor Party Ideas: Overcooked rice (maggots) and peeled green grapes (eye balls) See more. Oct 29, 2007 · The party is over and was successful! The Fear Factor went over great, as I had quite a lot of new faces attending this years party! When I gathered everyone around to let them know that they have entered a Fear Factor party, the silence was deafening! Then I informed them that they all were participating in teams. No one was being left out.